"Famous Covers"

"If you could put a Queen song into the mouth of a famous historical personage, what and whom would it be?"

This was the suggestion of a new thread on QMS, the Queen Mail Service, in Feb 99 (thanks Nick "duh"), and this page lists the lines that were mentioned...

Some (using only the songs' titles, by Tom Odland) are from the "Queen titles used by other artists" QMS thread.

Depending on where you live, you maybe don't know all of them (I don't)... Hope no-one finds any of these too offensive... anyway, here they come (alphabetically):

Person (Situation): Quote: From Song:
Marv Albert "But when you throw a moody you're all claws and you bite" Delilah
Steve Austin, of course Stone Cold Crazy
John Bobbit If You Can't Beat Them
Bill Clinton "Guaranteed to blow your mind" Killer Queen
Bill Clinton "Nobody believes me Liar. Why don't they leave me alone?" Liar
Hilary Clinton See What A Fool I've Been
Mrs. Fields Sweet Lady
Amy Fisher "Will you lose that ball and chain?" Sister Blue
Harrison Ford in 'The Fugitive' "Hurry down the highway, hurry down the road,
Hurry past the people staring, hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry"
Dead On Time
Squeaky Fromme Misfire
Bill Gates Good Company
Bill Gates "You make me feel like a millionaire" The Millionaire's Waltz
Bill Gates The Profit's Song
Heaven's Gate members "Spread your wings and fly away, Fly away far away" Spread Your Wings
Adolf Hitler in Poland "I'm causing a mild sensatiom, with this new occupation" My Melancholy Blues
Evander Holyfield "We hardly need to use our ears" Radio GaGa
J. Edgar Hoover "give me... your arse.. give me... your arse.. I... want your boodddyyyy..." :) (Body Language)
Dr. Cecil Jacobson "Try to plant a seed - fulfil the need - to make it grow - just say hello" Foreign Sand
Tommy Lee Jones "What do I see, some stupid bimbo....." Hijack my heart
JFK, Jr. (ouch!) Seaside Rendezvous
Jack Kevorkian Death on Two Legs
Monica Lewinsky "You just can't be a prick teaser all of the time" Don't Try Suicide
George Michael "He pulled out a gun(!) - wanted to arrest me" Kashoggi's ship
George Michael (sorry - way too easy) The Fairy Feller's Master Stroke
Ed Norton Tenement Funster
Rosie O'Donnell and Oprah Winfrey Fat Bottomed Girls
Rosie O'Donnell and Oprah Winfrey Ogre Battle
Dan Quayle The Loser in the End
Ronald Reagan Drowse
Colonel Sanders "Just gimme gimme gimme gimme Fried chicken" One Vision
OJ Simpson "You get away with murder - so innocent" Delilah
Sylvester Stallone
(at the beginning of Cliffhanger)
"If I could only reach you" Breakthru
John Cameron Swayzey Dead on Time
Mike Tyson "Can't stand no more in this here jail" Bring Back that Leroy Brown
Kate & Leo in Titanic "Where will I be this time tomorrow?
Jumped in joy or sinking in sorrow?"
Doing Alright
Edgar Winter White Man

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