Misheard Lyrics

This is a list of Queen song quotes where people have heard the wrong words, be it due to lack of foreign language knowledge and having no lyrics sheet, or just listening and never thinking about looking into the lyrics sheet, or wrong lyrics in a book (wasn't there an Argentinian one? Or take a look at the Starfleet songs on the Japanese 'Resurrection' mini LP...), from someone who doesn't know too much about Queen, or just for being funny, or whatever...

Or maybe in some places, Freddie (or whoever sang a particular song) was making fun and singing deliberately 'wrong'...??? :)
(There's a story of something like that about Jimi Hendrix acting like kissing one of his band members on stage to the line "kiss the sky" -- see www.kissthisguy.com, a collection of lots of misheard lyrics of many artists.)

They are collected from threads on the Queen Mailing Service (QMS) in 1996 to 1998, and some added later, ordered chronologically after the songs'/albums' release dates, with solo songs after that. Some are pretty funny, some so-so -- anyway, if you've got any more, post them to the QMS, or e-mail them to me if you're not on the QMS.

Thanks to all for your lyrics!
(I generally don't give individual credits here -- if you *really* *need* that and otherwise want me to remove your line, or if you want yours to be removed for whatever other reason, write to me.)

>>> Many new additions (Feb. 2006) are written bold - thanks to Alexa from Queen Romania (www.queenromania.co.nr)!

Song: Misheard Lyrics: Correct Lyrics:
Step On Me you're just a fat man, worry you're just a bad memory
Going Back I think of you in my eyes, of those days I heard so well in my youth I think I'm going back to the things I learned so well in my youth
No more cummering (?!) moves, no Christmas with no jive No more coloring books, no Christmas bells to chime
I have a laundry bag to rule reality Then everyone debates the true reality
Keep Yourself Alive I ate a million tennis balls... million dinners brought [to me on silver trays]
Well, I loved a million women and a Belly Dancer Caze ...in a belladonic haze
in a bed of Donnie Kay's
Monty grow a little wiser... Am I to grow a little wiser...
Well I saw a million mirrors in a shopping alley way Well I sold a million mirrors in a shop in Alley Way
now they say: you're concentrating you, be a superstar!
Can you keep me satisfied?
Stay back right where you are!
now they say your folks are telling you
Be a super star
But I tell you just be satisfied
Stay right where you are
Doing All Right fairy time in all the world there ain't time in all the world
Doing all night  
Ogre Battle Where the mighty doggie catcher flies With a mighty tongue he catches flies
with the palm of his hands, incredible thighs ...incredible size
When the piper is gone and the sweep is folding the table ...and the soup is cold on the table
The ogre men are still inside the two way mirror fountain ...mountain
You go blow that trumpet cry Bugle blow let trumpet cry
Son And Daughter You said you'd need cool any man for having your fun You said you'd equal any man...
Now didn't you feel surprised to find the Captions didn't Fit ...the cap just didn't fit
Try to be a solid door to roll into Tried to be a son and daughter rolled into one
Try to be a teacher and a preacher of men Tried to be a teacher and a fisher of men
Will you lead the son of sam Well you lead us all the same
See What A Fool I've Been (live versions) an outrageous torture a train to Georgia
Father To Son a warrior ear a word in your ear
White Queen I want my brown and life is kiss Upon my brow the lightest kiss
Fairy Feller's Master Stroke Pedagogue quinting where's the crown?
And a saytr pees under ladies' gown
Pedagogue squinting wears a frown
And a saytr peers under ladies' gown
March Of The Black Queen we'll find the monkeys playing in the dead of night blue powder monkeys...
here comes the black queen poking in the fire ...in the pile
the black queen tattoos on her thighs ...all her pies
Seven Seas of Rhye I challenge the mighty Titan and his stupid horse ...and his Troubadours
Some of us Americans like drive-thrus Storm the master marathon I'll fly through
Brighton Rock He got mustard on his pants Nothing can my love erase
Killer Queen She keeps on moaning and chanting in a pretty cabinet She keeps her Moet et Chandon in a pretty cabinet
she keeps her mower and shovel in a pretty cabinet
a built in remedy to quit his job and leave the scene a built in remedy for Krushchev and Kennedy
Building a remedy a built-in remedy
gun fighter, jellybean, tiny mite with a laser beam gunpowder, gelatine, dynamite with a laser beam
What a drag! Wanna try?
Though a boy conversation, she never kept the same address To avoid complications, she...
Middle man from China, conjugation minor Met a man from China, went down to Geisha Minah
Particular, set and precise Fastidious and precise
absolutely dry absolutely drives you wild
reversed in etiquette well versed in etiquette
your planet went high If you're that way inclined
Achoo! she's out to get you
Flick Of The Wrist Prostitute your selfish sense prostitute yourself he says
Now I'm here Down in the city just new ball and me ...just hoople and me
Down in the dungeon, just preachers and me Down in the dungeon, just Peaches and me
Down in the dungeon, just bitches and me
Death On Two Legs You break the law and you preach You break the law and you breach
You break the law and you breed
fools of the first edition fools of the first division
a new toy to neglect me to replace me
so no one gives you advance so no one gives you a damn
you're just an older grown schoolboy
let me tell you white
talk with disease
over-grown schoolboy
let me tan your hide
a dog with disease
Oh, my!!!... Noooo Mr. Know-all
was to feed on the back part of the team... Shock! was the fin on your back part of the deal... (shark)
I'm In Love With My Car boy race aroma boy racer rollbar
rather buy me a new car Beretta rather buy me a new carburettor
You're My Best Friend I'm happy, happy groundhog ... at home
Good Company Now Mary's in an institution Now marriage is an institution
Love Of My Life when this is got over and everything's old, by the way when this is blown over and everything's all by the way.
Bohemian Rhapsody Bohemian Rap City  
Bohemian raspberry
bahium rapcity
Is this the real life, is this just Battersea ...just fantasy
hit me where the wind blows any way the wind blows
Mama, too scared of death Mama, just killed a man
Body's aching of a child
("I actually thought the line was about his mother who was pregnant and had a bad time because of it")
Body's aching all the time
Gotta leave it all behind and take a cruise ...and face the truth
Caught a moose, caught a moose Scaramouche, Scaramouche
Spare him his life for his pork sausages ...from this monstrosity
Beelzebub has a devil for a sideboard Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me
The algebra has a devil put aside for me
So you think you can stop me and spit in my eye So you think you can stone me...
just gotta get right out mama mia just gotta get right out of here
Sail Away Sweet Sister You wanna stop like a lady You're all dressed up like lady
Tie Your Mother Down Take your little brother, swing him, and break him (that's all right) Take your little brother swimming with a brick (that's all right)
...swigg him with a brick...
Somebody to Love I'm alright, I ain't got my face in my feet I'm alright, I ain't gonna face no defeat
Each morning I get out my diary Each morning I get up, I die a little
Good old fashioned lover boy I look my passion in the good old fashioned screwed-up lover boys I learned my passion in the good old fashioned school of lover boys
Come on and see my heart, see the blood Come on and sit in my hot seat of love
Drowse I think I'll become a policeman.
(Unintelligible line.)
Follow me in the squad car.
Now who else do I like.
Maybe I'll be Clint Eastwood
Jimi Hendrix, (he is great)
John Lennon, Paul McCartney
Now who else do I like?
We Will Rock You kickin' your cat all over the place kickin' your can all over the place
Blood on your face, big disc brakes Blood on your face, big disgrace
We Are The Champions We'll keep on farting 'til the end ...fighting...
Spread Your Wings Seven year old, just watching the show Sammy was low, just watching the show
Louie was tired, he made up his mind... Knew it was time...
Fat Bottomed Girls never knew no good from bad, but I knew life before I left my first degree ...before I left my nursery
I seen ev'ry blue-eyed floozy ALL the way I seen ev'ry blue-eyed floozy on the way
take me to them lardy ladies every time take me to them dirty ladies every time
Take me to those lordly ladies all the time Take me to them dirty ladies every time
You made a fat boy out of me You made a bad boy out of me
I've got syphyllis in my bones I've got stiffness in my bones
I've got more to lose than home,
I've got stiffness in my bones,
Ain't no beauty queen or dislocality
Now your mortgages and homes,
And the stiffness in your bones,
Ain't no beauty queens in this locality
Bicycle Race You say black, I say white
You say bark, I say fight
You say shock, I say him
And George was never my scene and I don't like Star Wars
You say black, I say white
You say bark, I say bite
You say shark, I say hey man
Jaws was never my scene, and I don't like Star Wars
You say coke, I say cake
You say jump, I say wait
Hot dog, I say cool it man
I don't want to think of razatat up on America
You say smile, I say cheese
Go yank, leave!
Income tax, I say gee
I don't want to be a candidate for a Vietnam or a Watergate
You say coke, I say caine
You say John, I say Wayne
I don't wanna be the President of America
You say smile, I say cheese
Cartier, I say please
Income tax, I say Jesus
I don't wanna be a candidate for Vietnam or Watergate
Don't want to be a candidate, or be at number 1 again Don't want to be a candidate, for vietnam or watergate
George was never my scene
("I always thought it was about George Lucas :)")
Jaws was never my scene
give me your toy give me a choice
you say shock you say shark
form your models on your marks
I want to ride it well, I like I want to ride it where I like
If You Can't Beat Them Keep your big ass off of my money keep your fingers...
Let Me Entertain You The engineer's in traction... we gotta play some chess The S and M attraction... we've got the pleasure chest
The Internet attraction The S and M attraction
In Only Seven Days my luggage changed my luck had changed
Leaving Home Ain't Easy Disenroll the hair There's a road ahead
Don't Stop Me Now I feel light I feel alive
I close my eyes in ecstasy floating around in ecstasy
verging to the sky burning through the sky
just wanna call me Mr. Fahrenheit that's why they call me Mr. Fahrenheit
I get religion cos I'm a satellite on a collision course I'm a satellite
like a Rolling Stone like an atom bomb
More Of That Jazz Can of paint Kinda thinking [I've heard that line before]
Another One Bites The Dust Steam rolls verily down the street Steve walks warily down the street
with his brim pulled way down low
Steamboats rarely down the street
steamboats barreling down the street
the simple way I know
Steamboats walking down the street
Oo ee i oh.
where the bullets wrestle [door]way the bullets rip
I wanna buy a Datsun Another one bites the dust
Another one bites the nuts
My mother lung fights the bus
Crazy Little Thing Called Love Shakes all over like jelly beans
(also on Japanese 7" lyrics sheet...)
Shakes all over like a jelly fish
Shakes all over I can tell you too
She gives me heart-blowin' fever She gives me hot and cold fever
Save Me To start again with some budding youth To start again with somebody new
Sailing Save me
Dancer [unintelligible] are too big for them "Guten Morgen, Sie wŁnschten geweckt zu werden" (German wake-up phone call near the end of the song)
Back Chat You stand so tall, you don't FLATTER me at all ...frighten...
big chest back chat
Body Language You got red legs, sparks in your eyes
Long body, great thighs
You got red lips, snakes in your eyes
Long legs, great thighs
You caught the cutest bass I've ever cleaned You got the cutest ass I've ever seen
Las Palabras De Amor What foolish words, so many songs One foolish world, so many souls
Speak any term Speak any tongue
this room is bad this room is bare
and then my love will may whisper once more and then my love we may whisper once more
Radio Ga Ga background notes background noise
A backed up phone for the girls and boys A backdrop for the girls and boys
I just don't know, I just don't care and just don't pray who just don't know, who just don't care and just complain
you find the stars you've yet to have your finest hour
so sneak around, cos we will miss you when we grow tired of all this vision so stick around, cos we might miss you when we get tired of all this visual
It's a Hard Life This is a grave situation This is a tricky situation
Machines Mushrooms Machines
Hammer To Fall Let your fires be washed away Lift your face the Western Way
Let the Addams Family cover it all! Let the anaesthetic cover it all
The Flintstones voices can be heard convinced our voices can't be heard
just a runner and it won't hurt at all Just surrender and it won't hurt at all
Let your world be famous
But I'm thru it's all the same,
Like your dog I'm famous
Through the will, the pain
Rich or poor or famous for
Your truth it's all the same
Lock your door but rain is pouring
Through your window pane
Is This The World We Created? (not misheard, but) interpreting the line as a reference to Freddie on the Toilet Somewhere a Wealthy Man Is Sitting On his Throne
One Vision One heart, one soul, just one sore loser ...just one solution
A Kind Of Magic The day will dawn - it's saturday The day will dawn of sanity
This day will dawn on Saturday
No model man can win this day No mortal man can win this day
No modern man can win this day
no more romance than in this day
It's charming - the doors of time It's challenging the doors of time
Challenging the dawn of time
This RAVE that lasts a thousand years This rage...
this ray that lasts a 1000 years
I'm here in secret harmony I'm hearing secret harmonies
I'm here in secret, I'm alone
One Year Of Love It always a-raining down without you It's always a rainy day without you
Who Wants To Live Forever touch my wart with your fingertips touch my world with your finger tips
Don't Lose Your Head don't lose your hair don't lose your head
Princes of the Universe I have been syphoning blood of kings I have inside me blood of kings
Blood!! I'll kill! blood of kings
I am a mortal, I have inside me pork and beans. I have no mival, no sand candy my evil, take me to the future at the mall! I am immortal, I have inside me blood of kings. I have no rival, no man can be my equal, take me to the future of your world!
I Want It All A turtle picker adventure seeker
anti-cleaver Just an alley creaper, light on his feet
Just a man named Cleaver
Just an alley cleaner, Lying on his feet
Breakthru your face feels like mine ...fills my mind
Your face falls on mine
Your smile speaks books to me - I wake up with each and every one of your lips to read ...with each and every one of your looks at me
grapefruit breakthru
The Miracle Mothers, fathers, dead and gone, it's America ...it's a miracle
Golden Gate and touch my heart ...and Taj Mahal
Invisible Man Ronatello Rrrroger Taylor
Rapid Hedgehog
I'll bite your head off
Buy Me! Buy Me! Brian May, Brian May
Right-left Right-Left
Let my fat unfurl Let my flag unfurl
I am mean non-stop I'm your meanest thought
I'm your meanest song, I'm your darkest film I'm your meanest thought, I'm your darkest fear
When something sits - at the end of your beard ...at the end of your bed
Innuendo Surrender your eagle Surrender your ego
Surrender your evil
Show yourself, destroy our fears, "Police!" you may ask! ... release your mask
Headlong Anti-Russian Eggnogg And you're rushin' Headlong!
auntie Russian eggnogg
anti-Russian hedge-hog
and you're Russian hedgehog
Put your russian hat on!
get your russian hands off
bite your russian hands off
horny 'headlong' backwards (at the end)
Don't Try So Hard Pauly Shore is shining buttons Polish all your shiny buttons
Mad The Swine I woke up on the water just like before I walk upon the water just like before
The Show Must Go On I must be woman now I must be warmer now
Heaven for Everyone This could be habit-forming This could be heaven... (over and over again pretty fast at the end of the song)
smooth my eyes Smooth my ride
I was born to love you I was bone to love you
(on one of the verses on the Japanese 3" CD single)
I was born to love you
Too much love will kill you Idiot In the end
In My Defence I'm just a swimmer with a thong I'm just a singer with a song
Living On My Own Three Old Ladies chorus "dee do de de"
rumpy bumpy Bob Dole rumpy bumpy bup oh (or so)
Driven By You piss wine this ride
I'm Scared hab's g'hert (German dialect for "hab' es gehört" = "heard it" -- from my mother...) I'm scared (esp. when repeated often and fast)
China Belle I met a man who knew her Dad, he said "You know who I am" I met a man from Abu Dhabi said ...
On My Way Up Well I'm naked, I'm telling you But I'll make it, I'm telling you
I totally suck I'm totally sussed
life totally sucks
Wilderness Fashion a dream of Heaven Holy cows again... Fashion a dream of Heaven Hold it close again
Is It Me? I'm not for you And I feel
Believe In Yourself Elvis, they said you were straight Elvis, deciduous trees

Note: I've moved those few with sexual references to a separate file (as I've been asked by someone), so those who might be offended can choose whether to read them (or maybe try to block it from their children).

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