Misheard Lyrics (2)

Here are the few mis-heard lyrics with sexual (etc.) references... Click here to get back to the main list.

Song: Misheard Lyrics: Correct Lyrics:
Somebody to Love I work till I ache my balls I work till I ache my bones
Who Wants To Live Forever touch my tits with your lips, touch my wooaahwooaah with your finger tips
('Not sure what a wooaahwooaah is, but I took it to be some part of the female genitalia...!')
touch my tears with your lips, touch my world with your finger tips
Breakthru on Monday I fuck I'm under your thumb
if fucking makes you smile if I could make you smile
Headlong He used to be a man with his dick in his hand ...with a stick in his hand
China Belle I turn around in her vagina I turn around and look for China

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