Brian May: 'Another World'

This page contains the German charts for Brian's album 'Another World', accompanying releases, and maybe other Queen releases, since late May 98.

Top 100
The Album The Singles
Another World On My Way Up
13.5.98 was originally announced for May 11, but "as yet there are no plans to release it commercially", according to EMI Germany (early June) :(
27.5.98 released May 29
3.6.98 -
seems they're back to Monday dates now...
15.6.98 32
22.6.98 62
29.6.98 77
6.7.98 91

Roger Taylor: 'Electric Fire'

Well, unfortunately, Roger's brilliant album didn't chart here (unless I've missed something)...

Chronologically, Greatest Hits III came in between here.

Freddie Mercury Solo Collection

Top 100
3 CD box
23.10.00 released
30.10.00 -
6.11.00 67
13.11.00 55
20.11.00 63
27.11.00 82
4.12.00... -

I don't think the big 10 CD 2 DVD box will ever appear in the top 100...

Note that the charts are compiled on Tuesdays, I think, for the following Monday -- so there's not much time to sell many copies to be included in the first "week" (Made In Heaven was an exception...)

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